Empower Teen Beauty Event in Moscow, Idaho

March 14, 2020

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I met Evelyn last year and when she shared with me about her Empower Beauty Event and I threw out the idea of her hosting the event in Moscow! She agreed and was all for it! The planning officially began and I was so excited to photograph/help host the event.

The Event started with Evelyn talking with the attendees about the importance of creating a goal board/empowerment board for yourself. The attendees took time to write down items under the categories of “I am”, “I can” and “Goals”.

We then took a little break for yummy treats and headshots! The biggest thanks to B’s Bakery for these delicious and GORGEOUS ombre, floral cupcakes.

Rachel from Mainly Macs totally blew our minds with these stunning ombre Macarons!

Where do I even start with this GORGEOUS backdrop for our attendees. All of the credit goes to Flowers, Decor and More! They are the creators behind it and are absolutely amazing! I mean…how stunning are those florals?! And that pink couch…TO DIE FOR!

After that, Evelyn taught the girls an age appropriate make-up lesson.

Chloe, our guest speaker, shared her heart with the girls and concluded our event with an incredible + inspiration talk for the girls.

Each attendee left with a swag bag (provided by Flowers, Decor and More) and their empowerment board!

A huge thanks to Pure productions for filming the entire event! You can watch the full video here!

This event would have not been possible if it weren’t for all of the amazing vendors and sponsors that made it possible! Thank you all so much!! Empower Beauty Event by Evelyn Mauro | Guest Speaker: Chloe Salisbury | Swag Bags + Floral Backdrop + Couch: Flowers, Decor and More | Cupcakes: B’s Bakery | Macarons: Mainly Macs | Videographer: Pure productions

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