Snowy Family Farm Engagement Session in Washington

December 31, 2021

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I met with Marguerite + Mickey in May over coffee to chat about their 2022 wedding. They were in town visiting family and have been planning their wedding from all the way in Alabama! Since meeting them, I’ve been looking forward to their engagement session! They both wanted winter and they were planning to be back in the area in December to visit family for Christmas. We planned their session a few months in advanced and we were really hoping for snow! I was excited when I saw snow in the forecast for the week of their session.

The location they picked for their session is absolutely gorgeous! They chose it because not only was it the family farm, BUT this is also where they had their first date!! (I love it when couples choose locations that are sentimental and unique.) They also shared with me that the day of their shoot was the 3 year mark from the day they got engaged.

When I saw their outfits for their shoot, I was SO excited!! Not only were the colors super bold + popped with the white snow, but how adorable are they?! The love between these two is so evident and they are so much fun to be around! You would never know it was 14 degrees outside because they had a smile on their faces the entire time. So excited for their wedding in June!

Still can’t get over these views! This location was absolutely stunning!

Because we were at their farm, we had to include a few cow shots 😉

I have SO many favorites from their session!! I feel like these few truly capture their pure joy and happiness. They are such a fun couple to be around and to photograph.

We climbed up on top of this hay bail stack because this is the exact location of their first date!!

Lexi, of Pure Productions Media, came along for their engagement session and I’m SO excited to see the video! We are quite the “dream team”…and if you book us both for your wedding, you’ll receive a discount! In addition to your discount, Lexi also does a little video from the engagement session as well 🙂 It’s a great opportunity for us to all work together before the wedding day and to capture such great memories.

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