Wedding Anniversary | Orofino, ID | Lodge at River’s Edge

September 29, 2020

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I have known Taylor for about 4 years now. Our paths crossed when our businesses teamed up! We instantly became great friends. Not long after we started talking, she mentioned Randy. I still remember her saying that there was something really special about him and that she might marry this guy. I was instantly so happy and excited for her. Then I met Randy. I realized SO quickly just how perfectly they meshed together and that they were made for each other. Randy is the sweetest guy and his son, Nico, is the most precious little boy. I loved watching their relationship grow. Taylor stepped in and became the most amazing bonus mom to Nico and they became the cutest family. It was easy to see how much they adored each other.

When Taylor + Randy got engaged, I’m pretty sure I squealed. I remember being so happy for Taylor because she deserves the best! Fast forward to May of 2019. They made the decision to have a very small, backyard wedding with their closest family. They celebrated with their family + friends a year ago in Orofino at the Lodge at River’s Edge.

This blog post is a little extra special to me…not only because it showcases both of their weddings, but because Taylor is such a great friend of mine! I’m so happy for all three of you (and soon to be 4!) <3


Fast forward to Sept. of 2020 for their wedding at the Lodge at River’s Edge! It POURED and the power went out (a transformer blew) moments before her ceremony. You never would have known though because Taylor was so positive the entire day and didn’t complain even once!

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