Wedding Anniversary | Port Orchard, WA | Cedar Springs

June 2, 2020

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I met Bailey several years ago! We worked together and everyone thought she was my little sister. She would always talk about her boy-friend, Steven. The first time I met him, their love and connection was so evident! These two people were MADE for each other. The moment they got engaged she contacted me about photographing their wedding and I felt SO honored!

Seeing their wedding day at Cedar Springs come to life was incredible. All of their preparation and hard work came to life one year ago today and it was the most amazing day!

Steven is in the military and they are both currently living in Alaska! I have loved watching their journey as husband and wife….I am also slightly jealous of all of their adventures!

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary to Bailey + Steven!

One of my favorite moments is when we take a few moments to allow the mother of the bride to help her put together the final touches before the ceremony!

But seriously, Bailey was the most beautiful bride!

We tricked Steven with what he THOUGHT was their first look! So funny!

Their first look had me CRYING behind the camera! So sweet!

Steven’s dad surprised us with the funniest costume!

Bailey put SO much thought in to every single detail of their day! It was beautiful!

After the ceremony, we snuck away for more portraits! Before we started, they played a quick round corn hole.

Reception time! Hands down, one of the most fun receptions I have photographed! The DJ was incredible and everyone had a BLAST!

For sunset portrait, I had Bailey + Steven hop in this little boat! I was OBSESSED!!! I feel like these portraits belong in a Nicholas Sparks movie!

I 10/10 recommend doing a grand exit of some kind! Sparkler exits are my personal favorite!

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